Are you a coach - teacher - or mentor?

Imagine having an uninterrupted weekend where your team can bond, concentrate and create a unity without any of life’s everyday distractions infiltrating your coaching ability?

Leave the parents, girlfriends, cellphones, parties and distractions behind as you enter onto the Wahnee Campus. Let our staff take care of the housing, food and basic needs so that you, as a coach, have the full benefit of concentration as well!

We have the best of everything facility wise that you could possibly need for your sport. Instead of focusing on selling you on the “what we have’s”, we think it’s more important to sell you on the “what we offer”. What we offer you won’t find anywhere else!!

Are you a coach - teacher - or mentor?

Do you have a team that wants to excel and succeed? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Wahnee is ideal for you!

It’s a known fact that one’s ability to concentrate is affected by everyday distractions, and in sports being able to concentrate in practice and when coached is essential to a team’s success.

There's no Other Campus Like This in the World!